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Refinish Industry Announcement, April 2018: Due to diminishing need in the market, PPG has discontinued the acrylic lacquer platform. Existing inventory of toners will only be available until stocks are depleted...

February 2019: Some of you may remember when I retired from the business back in 2011... I had personally saved some of the last and ONLY OEM and NOS Textured Argent Silver ever used in production. In 2019 I decided to retire from the hobby (right before Covid hit)... and began offering the last remaining retail packed qtys available on a limited basis...

UPDATE: DECEMBER 2021, Thanks to nearly 2 years of Covid sales slow down... I still have some, but an even more limited quantity of toners available to mix these paints...

This will be the last year the website is up, and I am now offering the last remaining available qtys (1 last component I need to mix these, I can only find on the net. So its hit/miss for price and availability)... Depending on being able to obtain that, adding to what i have left, I may be able to mix pints for approx 45 - 60 people... and may consider one last spray project...

What is offered for retail

Light Textured Argent: My exclusive PPG Lacquer Reproduction
(Reproduced using The REAL NOS Paint I found back in 1985 as the guide). Pints Only.

Dk/Med Textured Argent: (Original Formula/mix using PPG original lacquer toners and pigments). Pints Only.


Argent Silver Connoissuer Collectors Package

Apprx 3 oz, Original NOS Light Non Textured Argnet Silver. A very RARE find saved from the ONLY Quart of it I ever found..
Used on: Rallye Wheels, grille and trim detail from the late 50's to early to mid 80's (Krylon does not match this paint)
This is enough paint to do all the little detail items on a 70 Cuda
(visor brackets, O/S door handles, inside Pk, TS and TL housings, OR 1 set of Rocker Gills?)... OR
the Grater Insert openings on a 71 cuda grille

4 Quarts of my Exclusive PPG Lacquer Reproduction of above
(Reproduced using the above paint as a guide, not "eyematching" 40 plus year old dried paint)

1 Last Factory Sealed Gallon: NOS Light Textured Argent Silver.
A NOS 69 GTX TL Housing and an OEM Vendors NOS 70 Rallye Wheel Center Cap Inc for ref

1 Last Gallon of OEM Formula Dk/Med Textured Argent.
You get to mix it. Includes all PPG toners, Original PPG mixing formula and scales used for mixing.
(long B4 digital scales, which attributes to the varying descrepancies between parts sprayed over the years by OEM Vendors)

One last Spray Project?

Using the last 2 NOS Gallons (above), to spray approximately 75 sets of 70-71 Rallye Wheel Center Caps.
New/ NOS/ or Very NICE used original, or replated caps only. All caps will need to be stripped of old paint by you.
Will be done in Large Batches ONLY (everyone on board at the same time).

Samples and Reference Parts